The main objectives of the Cooperation Programme are to:  

  • promote an integrated system of research, training, information and documentation activities in the field of archaeology related to underwater cultural heritage and related disciplines;  
  • create an academic training network tasked to harmonize teaching schedules and programmes, teaching material and standards; organize joint field schools; set up distance learning courses at Master’s level, as well as common Master’s level courses; foster faculty and student mobility and set up a common scholarship system; and facilitate exchange or lending of technical material;  
  • set up a common web portal to facilitate knowledge and information sharing and the creation of a virtual community;
  • organize regional and international conferences and seminars to promote the discipline and advance innovative research, as well as annual thematic meetings of the Network;  
  • carry out joint research projects to enhance understanding of the status of underwater cultural heritage worldwide;
  • contribute to the elaboration of a pedagogical kit for underwater archaeology education;
  • foster research, development, exchange and harmonization of databases or inventories addressing different aspects of underwater cultural heritage;
  • encourage inter-university cooperation through the transfer of knowledge, reinforce the dynamism of existing academic and professional networks and strengthen North-South cooperation;
  • act as a bridge between the academic world, civil society, local communities, research and policy-makers, promoting awareness of underwater cultural heritage and influencing cultural heritage policies.